SHR Skylark's Cayenne Fox at Fourwinds RE, BN, NAJ, OA, RATO, CGC, VC

Vixen is our girl with two loves in life: Pheasants and agility!  You would think she was lazy as she loves to snuggle up on the couch or curl up on a dog bed in the sun.  But watch out when it is time to work!  She has a nose that can put others to shame and she will find anything and everything (good and bad)!  If Vixen has a better handler in agility, she would be well on her way, but we are slowly getting there! Vixen is retired from our breeding program, but actively competing in agility and barn hunt. Vixen is also certified to work with Ben and loves checking boats for over-bagging fish during fish run!

DOB: 4/24/10
Height: 16.5in
Weight: 29 pounds
OFA Hips: Excellent
Penn Hip: .35, .36
Optigen PRA: clear normal
OFA Thyroid: Normal
OFA Jadd: clear normal
OFA Cp1: carrier
CERF : 2014



Jade is our lovely foundation girl from Canada.  She has a love for all things retrieving and babies!  Jade is a fantastic momma to her puppies and also mothers our human baby!  She is a hard worker but sometimes likes to play games.  Jade has produced nice litters for us and is now retired from the whelping box.  Jade never loved the show ring when earning her championship but we decided to play again in 2015 and she showed like a rock star as a special, easily earning her Grand Championship with all major wins over specials.  Jade is a big snuggler and has been known to "roo" with excitement when she sees her favorite people!  Her gentle, loving, retrieving crazy traits have definitely been passed on to her pups and grand pups!  She is actively training in field, obedience, and dock diving. 

DOB: 11/21/10
Height: 18.25 in
Weight 36 pounds
OFA Hips: Good
Penn Hip: .31, .33
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Thyroid: Normal
OFA Cardiac: Normal
OFA Patellas: Normal
OFA JADD/CP1: Clear, normal
OFA DM: clear, normal
PRA/CEA : clear by parentage
CERF/OFA Eyes: 2013, 2015, 2016

AKC GCH CKC CH Fourwinds Roaneden Rogue Wave RN, CGC

​Rogue is from our 2013 Jade x Burnie litter.  She is co-owned with our friends at Roaneden Tollers in Canada.  As a puppy, Row was always the last one to get put back in the puppy pen because she wanted to keep playing.  Nothing has changed, she refuses to sleep until crated and is sometimes caught falling asleep on her feet rather than give in and nap!  She has tons of drive and is naturally birdy.  Row loves to be a little rockstar in the show ring as well.  She will show for anyone and has helped teach many people, myself included, how to handle in the ring! Rogue is half way to her Bronze Grand Championship in AKC and will continue to work on it in 2018.  Row lives part time in WI and part time in Canada.  ​Check out more about Rogue on Roanden's page

CH Susqudilla Catamount at Fourwinds RN, CGC

Cougar is our birdy girl joining us from Susqudilla Kennels in New York.  Cougar is maturing nicely and recently finished her championship in addition to starting her quest for her GCH with a few Best of Breed wins.  She is driven in her bird work and doing well with her training. She thoroughly enjoys tackling Leinie during field walks and plays rough with her buddies.  Cougar will be an up and comer in the whelping box and field tests in 2019.   

DOB: 12/10/15
PRA : B, carrier 

OFA JADD: carrier

Cleft: Clear Normal

Fourwinds Green Winged Girl CGC

​Teal is our keeper from our 2016 Jade x Sheldon litter.  She is a fun loving birdy pup! Teal is a typical Jade kid, always ready to play and endless energy.  She thoroughly enjoys romping with her half siblings! Teal is everything we love about Jade with some structural improvements we were looking for.  She is a sweet girl and like her dam, slow to mature.  We plan to show Teal in the Bred By Exhibitor class so we have been waiting for her to grow up a bit.  She has had a great 2017 field training with Ben, but watch for her in 2018!


DOB: 3/21/16


​SHR Grouse Point's Long Time Coming NA-I, JH, RDX, RN, CGC

Gallie is our non-toller, lovingly referred to as "Brown dog" as prior to Vice's arrival, she was the only non-toller in the house!  She is a high drive field dog that has excelled in training so far.  Gallie easily picked up her JH title (5/4) and UKC Started Hunting Retriever (4/4). She is currently working toward her NAVHDA Utility Test and has picked up 2 AKC Senior Hunter passes with some beautiful bird work.  Not much prettier than the brown dog holding a great point on an autumn day, so we are quite excited for the return of hunting season! Gallie occasionally plays in the show ring and has picked up a couple points towards her championship.  Gallie also enjoys obedience training but will need time to mature and focus in competition settings! 

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer
DOB: 7/12/13
OFA Cardiac: Clear

Paw Print Genetics: Cone Degeneration Clear

OFA Eyes: Clear 2016

Penn Hip: 0.20, 0.24


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